Skye Chen

PhD student in CBS, PolyU

MA in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, PolyU (2019)

BA in Geomatics, SDUST (Major, 2018)

BA in English, SDUST (Minor, 2018)



Research area: Phonetics, Phonology, L2 acquisition, non-verbal speech compensation

Research topic: The dynamic entrainment of speech prosody and facial gestural rhythm.

Research interest: My main research interest is to explore the characteristics and developmental patterns of non-verbal compensation (facial and body gestures) in prosodic utterances that occur concurrently with acoustic apex. By gaining insight into this aspect, some speech therapies can be refined to help people with some dysfunctions to recover their motor abilities to compensate for the speech, such as Parkinson's syndrome, autism, etc.

Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, VB, Python, Java Script, Unity

Digression: I have some background in GPS and remote sensing, and experience in geographic surveying and mapping. Therefore, I will try my best to use what I have learned (maybe the positioning in GPS) to ensure that I will not get lost in the process of extracting and modeling the coordinates of facial feature points. : D